This Princess of the Prairies.

This Jewel of the True North.
This Rock of the New West.
This City of First Nations, of the Metis Nations, with people of all Nations in one community.
This City of wise traditions, and new innovations with an endless spirit of adventure.
A river runs with it surrounded by new energy.

This City is more than a City, this City of farms, towns, urban reserves, open doors and room to explore.
This welcoming urban landscape of unique pasts and vast potential.
This is the prairies, not Paris but like there, like everywhere, this place has had it challenges just never a shortage of good people to address them.
And we are getting better.

This always was great, is great and will remain a great arena of lives unfolding.
This bold, bright and welcoming home to newcomers and new futures.
This place of startups, start agains, of start somethings.
Of fuel, fertilizer, food, and foremost friends and family.
A place of natural resources and resourceful human nature shared abundantly.
A place of responsible opportunity and history reconciling.

This sea of sky.
This auditorium of open space and mind, home to these breathtaking people.
This shining example of growing and learning together.
This place to be from, this place to be.
This Saskatoon.

Written by: Alex Fallon